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Xavier Fine Arts Theatre

1600 W. Prospect Avenue
Appleton, WI

920 733 8840

Masks are optional.
COVID-19 Protocols are subject to changes and updates at any time.

Streaming FAQs

Need to find your stream code or get help on the day of your stream?

Please use the "Live Chat" option, located in the lower left hand corner of the ShowTix4U website for assistance.

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Access your stream

The Showtix4u streaming platform is browser based (no apps). If you would like to watch the stream on a television, you can do so using Airplay or Chromecast or by connecting your device to your television with an HDMI cable, or you may watch directly on your device.

Watch on your device (computer, tablet or phone)
Watch on television

Follow steps above to start the stream on your device

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Connect wirelessly

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