Christmas Stars: Wisconsin's Biggest Christmas Party

2023 Volunteer Form

Volunteers are vital to the success of Christmas Stars.
Review the volunteer needs in this section and choose the areas you or a family member can help with.

Parents, spouses, family members, relatives and neighbors are all welcome.
Please note that all adults who are working with children in any capacity must complete VIRTUS training.

There will be an opportunity for non-cast members to schedule a time as a show volunteer at a later date.

Select as many areas as you like by clicking in the box next to the task. Choose at least one area. When done, click "Submit" to complete your registration and volunteer forms.

Choose as many as you like, please select at least one area.

Anyone, including cast

Corporate Sponsor Development
Arrange for corporate and individual show sponsors

Steering Committee
Serve a three year term on the steering committee to oversee the timeline of production management, monthly meetings

Help with poster distribution, bulletin insert delivery

Crew Dinners (Tech Week)
Provide food for the crew during tech week and performances

Lobby Decoration Coordinator
Provide ideas and gather supplies to decorate lobby for performances

Lobby Decoration Helper
Assist Lobby Decoration Coordinator

Playbill Coordinator
Gather content and prepare the playbill

Playbill Helper
Assist the Playbill Coordinator

Props Assistant
Organize props before dress rehearsals and performances

Adult Choir Costume Assistant
Help with Adult choir costume organization, ironing and fitting

Cherub Choir Costume Assistant
Help with Cherub choir costume organization, ironing and fitting

Children Choir Costume Assistant
Help with Children choir costume organization, ironing and fitting

Youth Choir Costume Assistant
Help with Youth choir costume organization, ironing and fitting

Simple Sewing
Straight line sewing and cutting

Garment Sewing
Sewing and cutting garments

Set Construction
Assist with building set pieces

Set Painting Helper
Assist with painting set pieces or props

Parents, family, friends

Backstage Crew
Prepare the stage before and during the shows and dress rehearsals, moving set pieces or operating the fly lines

Backstage Runner
Communicate to room parents of Cherub, Children and Youth choirs so they are onstage at the right time

Rehearsal Helper
Assist directors and room parents during rehearsals

Room Parent
Supervise students in the Cherub, Children and Youth choirs during rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performances, coordinate communication with parents

Room Parent Coordinator
Oversee the room parents and coordinate communication with parents, steering committee and directors

Cast Dinner Coordinator (Super Sunday)
Plan the meal for Super Sunday, order supplies and oversee the setup, serving and cleanup

Cast Dinner Helper (Super Sunday) Help setup and serve the Super Sunday meal, cleanup

House Manager
Oversee the front of house operations during performances

Usher Assist patrons with finding seats, handing out programs, holding doors, storing walkers or wheelchairs during performance

Lobby Greeter
Wear ruffled apron and mob cap, provided, to greet patrons as they enter the theatre. Hand out mini candy canes, provided, to patrons after the show.

Raffle Chair
Secure a pair of tickets to a Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, coordinate with school system for raffle permit, sell raffle tickets during performances

Bus Greeter
Welcome bus groups before the show, walk them to the theatre lobby

Concession Coordinator
Coordinate cookie and water orders from vendors, oversee concession sales at each performance

Concession Workers
Sell cookies and water at each performance, help with setup and cleanup

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