Christmas Stars: Wisconsin's Biggest Christmas Party

2022 Volunteer Form

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Volunteers are vital to the success of Christmas Stars.
Please review the volunteer needs in this section and choose the areas you or a family member can help with.

Parents, spouses, family members, relatives and neighbors are all welcome.
Please note that all adults who are working with children in any capacity must complete VIRTUS training.

There will be an opportunity for non-cast members to schedule a time as a show volunteer at a later date.

Select as many areas as you like by clicking in the box next to the task. Choose at least one area. When done, click "Submit" to complete your registration.

Please select at least one area.


Corporate Sponsor Development
Costume Assistant
Crew Dinners (Tech Week)
Lobby Decorations
Props Assistant


Sewing Assistant
Set Construction
Set Painting Helper
Steering Committee

Parents, family, friends
no cast please

Backstage Crew
Backstage Runner
Bus Greeter
Concession Coordinator
Concession Workers
Cast Dinner Coordinator (Super Sunday)
Cast Dinner Helper (Super Sunday)
House Manager
Lobby Greeter
Raffle Chair
Rehearsal Helper
Room Parent
Room Parent Coordinator

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